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Coaching, training, consultancy, matchmaking or acceleration. Our network adds value. For growing security startups. For organizations deep diving into digitalization.

For startups

Cybersecurity is one of the growing vertical markets. The demand for commercial, scalable and trustworthy cybersecurity innovation is increasing rapidly. Great times for founders!

We have created our services and offers to support your success.

Are you looking for specific training, coaching or services? Do you need tailored support in one area to expedite the success of your start-up? Just contact us.

Darmstadt ist das Herz des deutschen CyberSecValleys.

Darmstadt has a multitude of things to offer in development and support – ranging from HIGHEST, the Startup and Innovation Center at Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, to initiatives such as StartUpSecure or accelerators and innovation labs run by corporations like Merck. As Digital Hub Cybersecurity, we will connect you to the right player in the cybersecurity industry – nationally and internationally.

For corporations and digital teams

Move your company safely to a digital presence and future. Tap into our Start-In innovation program tailored to your organization’s needs. Leverage outstanding talents, innovative products and excellent services in our ecosystem and bring them directly into your company. Benefit from our partner network and our ecosystem.